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Rockslide is a High-Energy Band whose roots started in Classic Rock,
but today offers a more eclectic mix.

The varying musical backgrounds and collective talents of Rockslide’s members include:
Rock, Blues, Jazz and Country.

All of our songs are infused with a bit of Rockslide's unique style.
The result is a versatile, fresh, Hard-Hitting Band that never disappoints and can entertain a variety of audiences. . .

We’re thrilled to be one of your featured bands and extremely proud every time we hit your stage!


Debbie Wallace ~ Lead Vocals
Originally from Connecticut, Debbie is a Classically Trained Vocalist. When I first came to Florida, I was looking to sing jazz standards.
 I never imagined I would be singing Janice Joplin and Led Zeppelin instead “ I love it! ” 
When not performing with ROCKSLIDE, Debbie writes original songs.

"Everyone in ROCKSLIDE brings their own unique talents and personality to the group.
I love performing with them".

Influences: Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Nicks, Diana Krall, Melissa Etheridge

Kate Siano ~ Lead Vocals

Born in Keflavik, Iceland, Kate spent her childhood in California, her college years in Washington DC and now her semi-adult life in South Florida. Along the way Kate has been influenced by many of her own musician family members. In her teens, Kate performed world wide with many performing groups.
Her love of Blues, Rock and Pop comes through in every performance.

Kate finds balance in her life by teaching and practicing yoga, being a new Mom and rockin out with her band  “ROCKSLIDE

Influences: Pat Benetar, Susan Tedeschi, Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and more.
Her love of Blues, Rock and Pop comes through in every performance.

Bob Gaffney ~ Lead Guitar
Bob's musical journey started at the age of eight. After watching episodes of The Monkees and The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, the guitar would become his instrument of choice. His guitar teacher was with the Jackie Gleason show in the 60's and taught Bob how to read music along with classical and jazz styles. By the time Bob was 12, he was gigging in local rock bands and started playing clubs at 15 either playing guitar or bass and singing.
Bob started getting calls for recording sessions at TK and worked with KC & The Sunshine Band, Bobby Caldwell ("What You Won't Do For Love"), George McCrae, Anita Ward ("Ring My Bell"), Kracker, and a host of other funk and disco acts signed to TK.
Bob at this time became the guitarist / vocalist with Wayne Cochran & The CC Riders ("Going Back To Miami") and was with the band for 4 years while still doing sessions at Criteria, Quadradial, and TK Studios.
Bob performed locally playing calypso, reggae, country, jazz, latin, rock, you name it.
Bob was asked as a bassist/vocalist to join Colorado country / rock act "Firefall" who were signed to Atlantic Records. Firefall already had a string of hits such as "You Are The Woman, Just Remember I Love You, Cinderella, Mexico, Strange Way, So Long, It Doesn't Matter, Goodbye I Love You". Bob's first week with Firefall included a show with Irene Cara and Bob Hope in front of 75,000 people in Gainesville, Fl.
As stated at the top of the page, my two main influences were Glen Campbell and The Monkees.
I had the honor of meeting Glen a few years ago and told him he was the reason I became a pro musician.

Fred Ferrugio ~ Guitar/Keys/Vocals

In a career that has spanned over two decades, Fred has made his mark in entertainment history with his multitude of talents. Born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. during the garage band era and having grown up in the 60's, influences include the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane and Hendrix. He picked up the guitar at age 12 and never put it down.
His first guitar was a 1965 Gretsch Tennessian. We're so lucky he sold it, otherwise he be hocking it on EBAY today and living in a mansion. Actually he had several vintage guitars. He managed to hold on to a vintage 1966 Rickenbacker 12 string, an Ovation Celebrity and a custom 6 string Ressurrection. Fred is also the keyboard player, getting those great sounds from his Vintage Kurzweil. 
He diversified his musical interests in high school by picking up the sax. But his heart was in rock and roll. Moving to Florida in 1997 which brings us to present day, Fred is the founding member of ROCKSLIDE.

Bob McLennan ~ Bass Guitar/Vocals

Originally from the mid-west, Bob has lived in South Florida for over 16 years and calls it home. He credits the group Chicago for being the influence that led him to say “ I want to do that!”. He has played bass for over 30 years and has recorded, toured and played with rock bands, jazz bands and orchestras traveling the United States and Canada from L.A. to Atlanta. As a member of “ROCKSLIDE” he brings his years of experience, good looks and charm to what he hopes will be a long and exciting Rock n’ Roll experience

Mike Duncan ~ Drums
Mike has joined ROCKSLIDE  Mike as you will see is a real assset to the Band ! Thank You Mike